Your Auto frame rust repair Specialists!

We have extensive knowledge of all types of framework on truck auto and SUV vehicles

The experienced welders here at Rust-O-Rama have more than a decade of experience in Jeep Wrangler rust and frame rust repair. Jeep Wranglers of all years and models (CJ, YJ, TJ) are well known for their rust issues, and we have the experience to properly repair them. Whether you need extensive frame repair or a simple patch to pass inspections, we have done it all.

With the most reasonable prices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, give us a call or come by for all of your Jeep rust repair needs including:

  • Rusted Jeep body panels
  • Rusted Jeep Wrangler rocker panels
  • Rusted or Rotted frame sections
  • All other types of Jeep Wrangler rust repairs!

Frame Repair Before

Frame Repair After

Jeep Wrangler Frame Repair

Jeep Wrangler Frame Repair

Jeep Wrangler Rear Frame

Jeep Wrangler Rocker Panel

Jeep Wrangler Rocker Panel

Jeep Wrangler Rear Corner

Jeep Wrangler Frame

Jeep TJ Body Mount

Jeep YJ Frame

Jeep Wrangler Rear Corner

Our Experience Puts You Back in Your Vehicle RUST FREE!!!

Rust-O-Rama is the most experienced rust repair business in the area. Trust on our expertise to repair all make and model vehicles. We are well experienced with what types of vehicles are prone to rust, especially certain Nissan and Jeep models. 

Don’t worry, we have extensive knowledge of all types of vehicles and have the ability to restore your car or trucks floorboards, rocker panels, fenders and more, back to original condition. Our job is to extend the use of your vehicle with expert rust repair and our guarantee of workmanship. Floor patches starting at $500? You better believe it. Call us today!

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Cab Corner Before

Cab Corner Replacement

Cab Corner After

Cab Corner Replacement


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