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Rust-O-Rama has been erasing years of rust off vehicles in New Hampshire & Massachusetts, saving our customers’ money and retaining value for their cars and trucks. We cover it all here at Rust-O-Rama. Rust Repair, Auto Body Welding, Rocker Panels, Wheel Wells; any spot where rust is located and doing damage.

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We are family-owned and operated. We Specialize in all vechiles rust repair. Our reputation has been built on being able to handle the truly tough rust problems that arise here in the Northeast. In fact, we often receive referrals from other shops when the rust is too much to handle. 
Ford Taurus Rocker Panel - Before
Ford Taurus Rocker Panel - After
Alfa Romeo Rocker Panel - Before
Alfa Romeo Panel - After

Believe us, there is a right way and a there is definitely a wrong way to remove car body rust. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the shop every day. The best techniques in the industry are found here. We grind, sand, fill, prime, and paint your car back to perfection. We use only the best products available like POR-15®. We apply POR-15® to all of our repairs and guarantee rust will not return there! For the more severe rust problems, we have the capability to replace the rusted metal with new metal to guarantee a long-lasting repair. Call us today and see why we are your Number 1 Choice for rust repair.

Here Are The Services You Will Find At Rust-O-Rama:

From Our Customers

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"My 2000 Lincoln Navigator and 2002 Century both failed inspection due to severe rusting of rocker panels. Phil fixed both sides of the Navigator and the left side of the Buick. Both passed re-inspection. Inspection station was very impressed as was I. Phil's prices are very reasonable and he completed the work on time. Highly recommend Rust-O-Rama."
"My truck looks amazing thanks to Rust-O-Rama! They fixed the door which had a hole rusted straight through it, and even painted over it while still charging us the same price! They also buffed out some scratches from accidents, and painted the undercarriage so it will never rust again! All this in only a few days, definitely worth it.
This shop has been the best. Came with my van a few months back, he made it look brand new. I gave it time before dropping my review to see if it would hold, and it did. He did amazing work and id recommend this shop any day!!"
"Had to have some rust issues corrected in order to pass NH inspection. Fit me in very quickly (next day) since it was an inspection issue. Very reasonable price, great quality work, polite and friendly. Easily passed re-inspection after they fixed it. If you have rust issue check them out, could save a lot of money over junking your vehicle and getting another."
"I was looking for someone to remove rust on both rear doors of my SUV. If rust is left untouched, it will spread and get worse! Eventually, I want to trade in my SUV and dealers will immediately de-value your automobile once they see rust. I showed Phil (Rust O Rama) my issue and he diagnosed the entire problem. I called to set up an appointment for the service. The service was impeccable! Phil did a wonderful job above and beyond what I understood to be the cause of the rust."
"Phil is one of the friendliest, kindest and most reasonable mechanics/ repair men I know. I usually have mechanics trying to take advantage of me, over charge me and never explain anything. I have an old buick that had two huge rust holes in the mainframe that needed some repair to pass inspection. Phil explained what needed to be done, had an extremely affordable estimate that didn't change or jump in price and even had the work done in a day or so because he knew I needed my inspection sticker! Truly felt taken care of here and I can't express my gratitude and I looked under the car myself and you can't even tell there was any rust to begin with!"
"Had some rust starting on a wheelwell that I tried to fix and ended up making a mess! Drove by Rust O Rama several times and decided to stop for an estimate. Was given a very reasonable priced estimate so decided to bring in my car. Phil is a "rough around the edges" kind of guy but very nice, and excels at what he does. I never expected my car to look so good! I wouldn't hesitate to use Rust O Rama again."
"Had quite a bit of rust on a 2000 Chevy S10. Phil did an excellent job and the price was right. Going back for some additional work to be done. This truck will last for years to come thanks to the great work."
"I failed my inspection due to rust on both my rocker panels. I was told that I should bring my vehicle to Rust O Rama in Derry. I'm so glad I did. Phil did a great job on my truck at a great price. He went over and above my expectations and took pride in the work he did. I wouldn't go anywhere else in the future and would recommend them to everyone."
"Friendly service, fair prices, and everything is done for your convenience. I highly recommend Rust-o-Rama for anyone who has a rust problem. I couldn't find anyone with more fair prices. I was treated well and kept up to date on the repairs. My car looks better than it has in years and passed state inspection without a hitch."
- Daniel
"I am more than satisfied with the repairs I had done. I had both rocker panels replaced and alot of other rust areas fixed. I recommend Rust-O-Rama highly. My truck looks great."
- Kent
"Super service from Phil Bock who extended the life of my Toyota pickup. It was rusted on the frame rails and gross members, and Phil fixed it for much less than traditional body shops would have charged. He also built a special brace under the truck bed that had rusted through as well. 371,000+ miles and still going strong for many more years thanks to the outstanding work of Phil Bock's Rust-O-Rama!"
- Paul
"Huge Thanks to Rust-O-Rama for their recent work on my MINI. Great service and responsive to inquiries and phone calls. The taillights on MINIs are notorious for rusting out and Phil knew right away and had obviously had lots of experience working on them. The work was super affordable and LOOKS AMAZING!!! I can not recommend Rust-O-Rama enough, if you have worries about rust go see them ASAP."
- Julie

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